Record Requests

If you need your medical records sent else where ....., or want your records sent to Security Crossroads......

[] Continuity of your medical records is important!

Transferring your records to our office:

We will assist you with this process by giving you a records release request and consent form that you will fill out and sign. You may wish to send this request to your prior provider(s) personally. If you provide us with a fax number, we will fax it to that office for you.

We will not be responsible for any costs of obtaining your prior medical records.

Maintain your own record:

If you have a complex medical history this is even more important. One way to ensure this is for you to maintain a diary or personal history. This should have the medical diagnoses, the date you had the condition, what tests were done, their results, and where the tests were done. List the medications that were prescribed, and how you took them. Record changes in your medication list. Make a note of health conditions of family members, especially those who are blood relative. If you went to an emergency room, or were admitted to a hospital, or had a procedure done as an out patient, record dates, places and names of the physicians who cared for you. Keep the information you enter up to date.

Our Office records:

The record that is maintained in this office is your record, but our property. Should you need to have copies of your record sent elsewhere, we will be happy to do that at your request. You will have to give us a signed, dated consent form, indicating what information you want sent, and where it should be sent to.

There is a charge for this service. Usually it is a $15.00 handling charge, and 50cents a page. This fee is set by the State of Maryland. Please call us for the current fee.

If you have a thick medical record, this cost can add up. Some times we will go through your record, and summarize it and add important information, such as recent or old EKGs, X-Ray reports, Lab tests, etc. This will be done by the doctor, and it takes time. It may be cheaper for your to have a summary sent over, rather than the entire record. Please discuss the charges at the time you give us your written request.

Record transfers related to Life Insurance, Disability, Employment, Law suits, etc.:

We will be happy to process request for the above reasons. Usually the request is processed within a week of receiving the fee. Please make sure that the fee is paid by you or the Life insurance company, Lawyer's office, employer etc.

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