Weight Loss

Loosing weight can be very hard. But its worth while and I can help.

[]Being over weight leads to many, many health problems.

Loosing weight is not easy.

Some of us try various diet plans, exercise plans, diet foods, or even go to specialty weight loss centers. Others try diet and weight loss pills or "alternative therapy" medications.

If you find a method that works for you, stick to it!

Once you have lost weight, it takes effort to keep the weight off. Do not slack off.

It is best toschedule an appointment to discuss weight loss. We will discuss various options, dietary tips, exercise and medications. An important step to rule out treatable medical conditions that may be contributing to weight gain. If you have other medical conditions for which you are being treated, such as diabetes, thyroid problems, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, heart disease or vascular disease, or if you are on birth control medication, it is even more important to discuss weight loss methods with your doctor.

After the initial visit, follow up visits are a must! I usually reccomend visits every two weeks in the beginning, and then every four weeks.

Learning more about diets, food calories, and exercise options is very important, and then you will be able to formulate a systematic plan. It is also important to set reasonable goals, and have realistic expectations.

Call to schedule an appointment: ask for a 30 minute slot.

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Last Updated February 20, 2000 by Ramana Gopalan MD