New Patients

Information for new patients: We welcome new patients, and appreciate referrals.

New patients are welcome! When you come to the office for the first time, your visit will take a little longer.

There is a one page information sheet that you will fill out with your name, address, phone numbers, emergency contact, and other information. We will also need your insurance information, and your signed consent to treat you. You will also fill out a personal history questionnaire. These forms take about 5 minutes to complete.

We will also verify your insurance information and benefits. We encourage you to call your insurance company before your visit, to verify your benefits, and to make sure your benefits allow you to get your medical care at Security Crossroads, from Dr. Gopalan.

Your information will then be entered into our database. This will take a few minutes. Then we will assemble a new chart, and you are ready to be seen!

Because you are a new patient, the doctor will want to spend some extra time with you. Since you need extra time, we try not to schedule new patients toward the end of the day.

If you are under an HMO plan that requires you to choose a primary care physician, and obtain all services from that physician, you MUST do this prior to your visit. Your insurance plan MUST have on record that you have chosen Dr. Ramana Gopalan as your PCP (primary care physician). Your card should have Dr. Gopalan's name on it, and if it shows a phone number that number should be our telephone number: 410-747-5888. If you are unable to do this, your first visit will be delayed while we try to contact your HMO for you. Our office is NOT allowed to ask the HMO to make the change, the HMO will simply refuse to do so: YOU must make the change.

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Last Updated February 20, 2000 by Ramana Gopalan MD